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London, Ontario's Top Quality Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

Mobile Dent Removal for London and Area

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Mobile Dent Removal Paintless Dent Removal is the fastest, most affordable and most eco-friendly service option for car owners to remove door dings, car dents, and hail damage from their vehicle without painting or filling the car’s panels.  While a traditional body repair can require you to be without your car for a few days, […]

Certified Hail Damage Estimating

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When a hail storm hits your area and the hail stones reach a significant size, almost every car parked outdoors is vulnerable. Hail can manage to put a random series of dents all over the panels of your beautiful car giving it what some call the “golf ball” finish or the “disco ball effect” as […]

The Big, Bad, and the Ugly…

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At All-City Dent Repair we love taking on the big stuff.  Larger dents where the paint has remained in-tact are a great candidate for paintless dent removal and can be removed with great results!  Since having you car painted is a costly and time consuming process and keeping your original paint job plays a big part in […]

Jeeps get em.. We get rid of them!

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A cowl dent is a common site on the newer style (JK) wranglers and happen when a Jeep owner disconnects the check strap when removing the doors.  If caution isn’t taken when removing the Jeep’s doors they can actually swing too far forward and the rear view mirror collides with the cowl piece in front […]