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Advanced Training Certification: All-City is always improving!

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Advanced Training Certification: All-City is always improving!

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Advanced Dent Repair Training and Certification: All-City is Always Improving!

By: Korey Togtema (Owner/Operator)


As many of my customers could tell you, I am a fussy and meticulous paintless dent tech.  Always looking for the newest and best methods to remove car dents with the highest quality finish possible to make sure that dented cars are transformed to “pre-accident” condition.  I’m also eager to learn new ways of tackling some of the most difficult and complex damage to help car owners avoid costly auto body shop repairs and keep their original factory paint. For me, the question of growing a business isn’t just how to complete more work in a shorter time frame, but how to do the best work in the smartest way. I’m an avid basketball fan and I noticed how star players like Kobe Bryant would constantly be training and developing their game even though they were already the best in their league. In recognising the room for improvement, athletes work tirelessly to fine tune their process, take on bigger challenges, and increase the overall quality of their performance.  While confident in my abilities to perform high quality repairs, I too knew that continuous improvement will help All-City Dent Repair give a higher level of satisfaction and “wow-factor” to my customers.

DT_Member_CertIn the effort to provide car owners in the London, Ontario area with the best service and repairs, I completed a comprehensive advance level paintless dent removal program through Dent Trainer. Dent Trainer, provides a database of over 300 videos with in-depth advanced modules for removing some of the most difficult and complex damage without re-painting or using other conventional body repair techniques. While having a solid background in removing some of the most common (and uncommon) car dents that affect our vehicles, completing the Advanced PDR Certification has already provided All-City with an added edge in removing damage that traditionally was not though to be removable through the paintless method.   In studying numerous modules throughout this program while drawing upon the long time expertise, techniques and methods of some of the premier paintless dent techs in North America, I am eager to bring these new advancements to my customers.

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Making Dent Repair Better in London, Ontario

Car owners in London deserve a dent repair company that is always improving! When you choose All-City you can be assured that you are getting the best quality dent removal for your dollar.  Our goal is not only to give our customers a high level of satisfaction, but to make them forget that their car got dented in the first place!  High quality car dent repair, plastic bumper dent removal, and hail damage removal is our speciality.  Through top-notch training, research and ensuring that we use the latest in paintless dent removal tools and methods, All-City is committed to being London’s best!  We offer a mobile dent removal service to London and surrounding area.  If you have a dent and would like a free estimate or have some questions about paintless dent repair cost, feel free to contact us today!