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London, Ontario's Top Quality Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

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The Big, Bad, and the Ugly…

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At All-City Dent Repair we love taking on the big stuff.  Larger dents where the paint has remained in-tact are a great candidate for paintless dent removal and can be removed with great results!  Since having you car painted is a costly and time consuming process and keeping your original paint job plays a big part in […]

Get #UNDENTED with All-City Dent Repair

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undented un|dent¦ed.   Pron. /ʌnˈdɛntɪd/   adjective  Describing a surface not marked by a dent. verb  The process of a dent having been removed or reversed from a surface  ‘Get undented with All-City: London Ontario’s top quality paintless dent repair.’   Having your car’s dents filled and painted over doesn’t have to be your only option […]

Mazda 3 Dent Repair Video

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This video showcases a before and after look of a creased dent repair on a Mazda 3 performed at a local car dealer in London, Ontario.  Creased dents that cross through the vehicles "body line" are a quite common occurrence in parking lots and are usually caused by swinging doors making contact with your car's [...]
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