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Certified Hail Damage Estimating

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Certified Hail Damage Estimating

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When a hail storm hits your area and the hail stones reach a significant size, almost every car parked outdoors is vulnerable. Hail can manage to put a random series of dents all over the panels of your beautiful car giving it what some call the “golf ball” finish or the “disco ball effect” as all the little dents twinkle as you pass by.  Paintless dent removal is the premier method of removing such damage where specially designed tools and a qualified technician slowly reshape every dent and restore your car’s panels to their original shape without painting or filling.

Estimating hail damage is an important part of this process.  A certified dent tech knows how to identify and assess every dent on each of the panels as well as the numerous tasks that need to be completed to insure the car owner gets the best quality repair possible.

All-City Dent repair in London Ontario is passionate about its craft and is always in the process of updating and improving the methods of assessing damage and performing high standard repairs.  The latest part of this initiative has been becoming Hail Estimating Certified to ensure customers, repair shops, and insurance companies get the most accurate damage assessments and best overall customer service experience.

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If you have hail damage on your vehicle All-City would love to help!  We work directly with insurance companies and repair shops to make sure you get the best service and get back into your beautiful dent-free car in the shortest time possible.

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