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Dents are frustrating.  All-City makes removing them easy with our fast and affordable Painltess Dent Repair method.  You may have a question or two about Paintless Dent Repair (PDR).  We hope this brief frequently asked questions guide will help you find the answer.  If you have a dent and are unsure if it is removable, feel free to take a few pictures from 45 degree angels and send them to info@allcitydents.com

What is Paintless Dent Repair or (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Repair / Removal (PDR) is a specialized skill and process which carefully removes minor car dents, door dings and hail damage from a car’s panels without traditional autobody paint, sanding or filling methods.  An experienced technician with  selection of specially designed rods and hand tools can access the the inside of the dented panel and slowly massages the dent back to its original shape.

Will PDR fix any dent?

Although there are many dents both large and small that can be removed through PDR, there some exceptions.

There are a few factors that can determine the success of PDR

Location – if a dent happens in a location such as the edge of a panel or there is severe damage in an inaccessible area, it will likely require traditional body repair.

Depth and Sharpness – Although many deep/sharp dents can be removed with great results, some are so deep/sharp that they have caused stretching to the metal which makes it difficult to perform a clean repair.

Paint condition – broken paint in or around a dent can be a sign that a dent is too severe.  Although there are some cases where a dent can be removed and touch-up paint applied, it is often in the best interest of the car owner to consider traditional body repair if the panel has cracked or missing paint as a result of a dent.

What if there is a scratch on my dent?

In most cases scratches can be removed prior to or following the removal of the dent.  As long as the scratch has not gone through the clear coat of the cars panel, it will likely come out with some polishing compound.  As All-City is committed to the best quality repairs, scratch removal within the dented area are included in the repair.

Can PDR remove hail damage

Yes!  Paintless Dent Removal is the premier and preferred way to remove dents from  hail damaged cars.  Since it does not replace your original factory paint, PDR is the most inexpensive, eco-friendly, and time effective way to remove hail dents from your car.

At All-City we are dedicated to a high standard of quality and customer service.  We will work with your insurance provider and repair shop to ensure the best repair and quickest turnaround time.

If hail storms hit the London Ontario area, you can be sure that All-City will be there to help!

My plastic bumper is caved in. Can the dent be removed?

Yes, we do plastic bumper dent removal! There are however a  few factors that allow the best success.  If a plastic bumper has been dented without cracking or without major paint damage, it can be reshaped with great results.  If the dent has been caused by a higher speed collision however, it would be advised to have it inspected at a reliable collision centre or auto body shop in casse there is structural damage.

How long does it take?

Most repairs take only 1-2 hours to be completed depending on the number of dents and their size / severity.  Hail damaged vehicles can usually take 1-2 days but also can depend on the extent of damage to various areas of the vehicle.

What size of dents can you remove?

As mentioned above,  depth, location and the condition of the paint are the biggest factors in the success of Paintless Dent Repair.  With that said, in many cases larger dents can be removed through this process with the proper tools and access to the panel.  If you car has been damaged in a collision where one or both vehicles were in motion, it is likely that some structural damage has occurred and traditional body repair might be needed.

Will my dents come back after being removed?

No.  Our process of gently massaging the dent ensures that the necessary amount of strength is put back into the panel.  Unless you vehicle get’s hit or “re-dented” in the same spot, it will not re-appear after it has been removed.

I’m selling my car / returning my lease, will PDR help?

Absolutely!  Having your dents removed is a very affordable option and alternative to expensive repairs at the body shop.  Depending on your car’s manufacturer, returning a lease can often result in additional costs or penalties.  All-City can help by cleaning up your dents and making your lease return look great.

For re-sale, PDR can not only increase your vehicles value but help it sell faster.  Used car dealers have been using PDR for years for the exact same reason.

Is PDR environmentally friendly?

YES.  Since no paint, fillers, or other harsh chemicals and compounds are used in this process, PDR is a very GREEN service.

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