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Plastic Bumper Repair: The Paintless Way

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Plastic Bumper Repair: The Paintless Way

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Ever been at a mall parking lot only to walk back to your car and notice that something just isn’t right.  You see a car that looks like its yours but it can be…  Yours didn’t have a bumper that was completely caved in when you saw it last.  After looking around thinking that maybe you parked your car somewhere else, the reality sets in.  Someone backed into your car and drove off and now you own this dent.

Luckily is an affordable option of getting that bumper straightened out that wont involve getting a new bumper painted at a body shop.  In most cases if the bumper has been dented in a slow speeds the paint will still be in-tact and the plastic wont have cracked.  If your bumper looks this way, then it is probably a candidate for a paintless repair.

Similar to how painltess dent repair / removal is performed on the metal panels of a vehicle, plastic bumpers can be heated and carefully reshaped with only very minor signs that a dent had been there.  Light scratches can be polished out and small chips can be touched up if needed. Also like the typical car dent, it is important to contact a professional to reshape your bumper.  Although there are many videos online where people use their hair dryers and push out their bumpers, a paintless dent removal professional has access to the best tools and can recognize based on the shape and severity of the dent, and which specific approach should be applied for the best quality repair.

Paintless Dent Repair is the affordable, eco-friendly, and time saving alternative to traditional body repair.  For dent removal in the London Ontario area,  All-City Dent Repair today  (226) 235-6739.