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VIDEO: Luggage Cart Smashes into Mazda 3 Fender

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VIDEO: Luggage Cart Smashes into Mazda 3 Fender

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 Large Dent is Removed from Mazda 3 without Painting After Luggage Cart Smash


I take before and after pictures and videos quite often when I’m repairing a dent so I can showcase what can be possible with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR).  But its truly a rare opportunity to get your hands on video footage of the dent actually happening!

This Mazda 3 was parked on the street in front of a hotel where a man had loaded his cart and was preparing to move his luggage to his car.  After removing a few items the cart started rolling and then “SMASH” right into the fender of the car.  The cart left 1 large dent that creased through the body line of the fender and 2 smaller ones on either side.

Many people often doubt the likelihood that a dent like this could have a paintless repair and usually would opt for going to the body shop.  The owner of this car took it to several body shops and most if not all had advised that not only did it need painting to the fender, hood and door to match the colour, but also that the fender itself had to be replaced completely and would not be repaired.  It wasn’t until speaking with a co-worker that they were referred to All-City for an estimate

all-city dent repair after picture mazda 3With the proper technician, tools, and techniques, a paintless repair on a dent like this IS possible with great results.  The Mazda’s fender was repaired at owner’s home without the use of paint, fillers or harsh chemicals.  The repair saved the customer roughly $900-2000 based on the body shop estimates and was done in just a few hours.

Since your car only gets one original factory paint job, a paintless repair is always the best option when possible.  For more information on the paintless dent repair process and how you can have your dent removed, email us at or call (226) 235-6739 London Ontario and Area.


Here’s the video footage and repair