Voted London's Best - 2016 Reader's Choice Awards

Voted London’s Best in Auto Body Repair for 2016!

London, Ontario's Top Quality Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

Voted London’s Best in Auto Body Repair for 2016!

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Thank you for Voting All-City Dent Repair as London’s BEST!

Great news!  All-City was voted #1 in the Body Repair category of Our London News’ Reader’s Choice Awards! We’d like to start by thanking all of our customers for selecting us as London’s best.

voted best in london ontario for auto body repairAll-City has made it a goal to not only bring the London, Ontario area the highest quality in Paintless Dent Repair but also the best and most convenient customer experience.  As a business that has grown primarily through ‘word of mouth’ we’ve been happy in the past three years to give car owners the opportunity to take advantage of a cost and time saving alternative for the removal of their car dents, door dings, and hail damage.  All-City aims to not only have our customers satisfied with the repairs but thrilled to the point where they tell their friends and family about the service.  A special thanks goes out to our to all of our friends and customers who helped spread the word of their favourite mobile dent removal company!



Why Paintless Dent Removal is an Easy Solution for London Car Owners

Removing / repairing your dent via traditional auto body repair can usually involve being without your car for a few days, not to mention losing your factory paint job and incurring a higher repair cost.  Most small dent repairs through the paintless method can be performed in less than an hour while medium or multiple dents can be removed usually in 1-2 hours.  Customer’s are relieved that with All-City’s mobile dent removal service they are able to have their dents removed without being apart from their vehicle and can usually fit a repair time into their busy schedules.  In addition to being convenient, paintless dent removal keeps your original paint intact helping you maintain your car’s resale value.

Our service is also very Eco-Friendly as no harsh chemicals, paints, fillers, or large material waste is involved in the dent removal process.  This makes our service one of the greenest automotive services on the planet!

If you have a few dents and dings, our dent removal “Gallery”  and “FAQ” section can help you find out if paintless dent removal is right for your car.

The Future of Dent Repair in London Ontario

With an ever changing automotive industry,  new car designs and materials being revealed every year, we’re constantly evolving!  Always working on all car makes and models, you can be assured that All-City is up to the task of making your car dent disappear.  This means that car owners that chose All-City for dent removal on their car can confidently know that are trusting a company that uses the latest paintless dent removal tools and methods to perform high quality repairs.

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