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Why All-City offers one of the most Eco-Friendly automotive services in the world!

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Why All-City offers one of the most Eco-Friendly automotive services in the world!

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Paintless Dent Repair / Removal (PDR) is one of the MOST environmentally friendly automotive services and this is why…


PDR avoids harsh chemicals

A typical dent repaired by the PDR method uses little to no chemical products.  Since the paintless method is a process of accessing the the car’s panel from behind the dent and making slow, measured pushes to restore its shape, there is no real need for harsh chemicals.  Some mild cleaners and polishes may be used to clean or shine the painted surface before or after the repair and sometimes a little touch-up paint to cover a deep scratch or a chip, that’s about it.  This means:

  • No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the paint process
  • No harsh stripping / prep chemicals
  • No sanding or welding
*As mentioned in the FAQ section, severe dents and body damage may require traditional autobody repair

Much less waste

Since PDR is a clean and virtually chemical free process, it is also less wasteful.   In the course of a typical Paintless Dent Repair, a few small pieces of tape may be used to wrap the technicians tool tip  to soften the tool surface.  This means that the amount of garbage discarded in PDR can fit into the small pocket of your jeans.  Since there is no painting or sanding involved there is no discarding of large masking paper, excess paint or the dust that comes from sanding and smoothing out the panel.

Energy Saving

Paintless Dent Removal is a quick process that uses very little electricity and has a microscopic carbon footprint when compared to other services.  The typical repair involves the use of either an energy efficient fluorescent or LED strip repair light and sometimes an electric heat gun used to warm the panel.  For certain cases, a battery powered polisher may be used to remove a scratch before the repair process. There are no large machines, fans, heat lamps, or heavy duty power tools.


Removing your door dings and dents via Paintless Dent Repair is a fast and hassle free process.  As the world has shifted toward eco-friendly products and services, there are now unlimited ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  All-City Dent Repair’s green service is an easy and affordable choice to recondition your car in an environmentally friendly way.


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