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At All-City we focus on high quality repairs on a wide range dents from small door dings to some larger and more complex dents. We also specialize in removing dents that occur from hail storms, parking lots, and plastic bumper dent removal. See what’s possible with a qualified mobile dent removal technician.

This Toyota Rav 4 had a large dent in the quarter panel which was creased through an aggressive factory body-line.  This paintless dent removal before and after video showcases a high-quality repair with some clips of the repair process.  While this dent was large, removing it will PDR still came well under half the cost of having it repaired and re-painted at an auto body shop.

Sometimes dents happen right over the character line or “crease” of your car’s panels.  These dents can be quite a challenge to remove, but with the right tools and experience a qualified paintless dent removal tech can perform a high-quality repair with great results!


This repair was performed with All-City’s mobile dent removal service at a repair shop in London, Ontario.

This heavy “body line” creased dent was removed with a high-quality finish saving the customer the high cost of having it repaired at an auto body shop

A car dent can be big, some can be bad, and some ugly.  This one was all 3!  See how All-City removed this large dent from the fender of a Mazda 3 without painting with a high quality finish.  This repair was done at the customer’s house in London Ontario with Mobile Dent Repair.

Why take your car in for conventional body repair for a dent that can be removed without painting.  From parking lot dents, to door dings, to hail damaged cars your car can keep its original paint with a fast, hassle free, and eco-friendly service.

All-City Dent Repair | London, Ontario

Welcome to All-City Dent Repair’s Paintless Dent Repair Gallery

At All-City, we love to showcase our work.  Above are numerous pictures and videos featuring small to large car dent removal from our mobile dent tech service in London, Ontario. Here we have numerous pictures that highlight what is possible with paintless dent removal and some videos that show the high standard of quality of our dent repairs.

Have a dent on your car and aren’t sure if it qualifies for a paintless repair? Look through our gallery to see if it is similar to some dent removal work that we have already performed.

Have hail damage on your car?  That’s one of All-City’s specialities. Hail storms can cause damage to many if not all the panels in your car leaving small to medium dents that twinkle as you walk by.  As there can be so many  hail dents  on a car after a storm, it’s important to have a qualified PDR technician to perform an accurate estimate.  All-City will work with your  auto body shop / collision centre and insurance company to make sure that your hail damaged car is fully restored to its original beauty.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a cost saving, paint saving and time saving service which removes dents from your car without painting, filling or harsh chemicals keeping your car original! While having your car repaired and repainted at an auto body shop can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, the paintless dent removal cost is usually less than 1/3 of traditional body repair prices.

Thank you for choosing All-City for your paintless dent repair needs.  At All-City we strive to provide the best customer service and the highest standard of quality in our repairs.  We specialize in providing the London Ontario area high-quality car dent repair, plastic bumper dent removal , and the removal of dents on hail damaged cars.  We also assist with fleet and rental companies as well as Lease returns and Insurance Claims.